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Resale service

Why use Avensys Resale as opposed to auction?
Auction is a common way to sell equipment that is surplus to requirement, but if you are doing this, you are probably losing out. We of course undertake the same services as auction houses such as collection, patient data removal and liability transfer, but please see below additional benefits of Avensys Resale.

Added value – As we warranty all the equipment we sell, it realises a higher price, so you achieve more from your old equipment.
Ethical – Reconditioning means that no matter where in the world your equipment ends up, it is fit for purpose and safe. This is not the case via an auction house, who sell ‘sold as seen’.
Better market knowledge - Most buyers at auction are actually resellers, who know that a higher profit can be gained for your device, and buy to resell.
Better Reach – Our multi-channel marketing to international markets means more interested buyers across the globe.
Charges – Our transport fees will always be lower than those charged by an auction house.

What else might I need to know?
Surplus equipment might be items that you have replaced with a newer model, items that you have not got around to repairing or items that are just no longer used.
On the whole we say no item too big or too small, but if you are in any doubt, just give us a call or drop us an email.
No contracts mean we are happy to work with you as and when you require our services.
If you are in contract with an auction house or other resale operation, let us know when this arrangement comes to an end and we can discuss options.

Interested in our services?

Call us on 01562 745 858 or email us to see how we can help