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New & Reconditioned Medical Equipment

Avensys UK Ltd is proud to present the UK’s largest pre-owned medical equipment catalogue in the UK, sourcing devices from the majority of private healthcare groups, major manufacturers and distributors, lease companies and finance houses.

We are a leading surgical and medical equipment supplier able to provide a combination of new and used devices to medical professionals around the globe. Conversely we have also developed an industry leading medical device resale programme that sees us collect, recondition and then resell medical devices in support of releasing otherwise lost capital. 

Our focus is to be a single supplier, procurement to disposal, for all of your major operating room equipment and surgical equipment. Our clients find that with one point of contact, the purchasing process is a much more efficient process.

For more information and a full overview of our resale department click here.

Intelligent, Engineer Led Investment

Purchasing new or second hand equipment is time, risk, and cost intensive. Our approach to equipment procurement is uniquely consultative and leverage's our expertise as an engineering house. We have no brand allegiance and instead focus on supplying the device that best meets your specification.

Have you considered lease?  New or Second Hand Medical Equipment?  Are there alternative suppliers available beyond what you're used to?

What are the true through-life costs?  How will you maintain the item?  How well does this device match your current catalogue?

Can you extend the life of your current device?  Might Avensys sell your used medical equipment to help fund its replacement?

New & Second Hand Medical Equipment Sales

All second hand equipment sold by Avensys UK Ltd comes with a guarantee of functionality having been fully inspected by our engineers.

As you might expect from the UK’s third largest maintenance provider, you will also have the option to purchase an optional service and maintenance contract.

Put simply, you will not be supplied a product unless it has been deemed safe, functional, and fit for reuse by our engineers.

New & Second Hand Veterinary Equipment

Avensys is also very well established within the veterinary equipment industry. We provide veterinary equipment to international customers under the same proviso enjoyed by our medical customers.

Recognising the challenges of a staunchly competitive industry that is demanding increasing levels of excellence in its medical and dental equipment, we work closely with our customers to ensure they have access to the widest possible range of new and second hand devices.

New & Second Hand Dental Equipment

Our close ties to the dental industry reach back to our initial establishment as a business. From individual items to the complete installation and decommissioning of dental suites, we know exactly what you demand from your equipment and work tirelessly to meet your needs.

Reliable equipment, prompt repair and/or immediate replacements, and options to buy new and second hand dental equipment are requirements familiar to Avensys UK. We work particularly closely with our dental customers who make particularly good use of our links to industry to ensure that there practice remains ahead of the competition.

Medical Equipment Hire/Sale for TV and Film

Avensys UK Ltd provides specialised medical equipment for use on television shows and film productions around the world.

Our pre-owned medical devices are perfect for a wide range of medical story lines from operating theatres to labour wards. In working with Avensys UK, you are harnessing the UK’s largest reconditioned medical equipment catalogue and so have access to an unrivalled range of competitively priced equipment.

Want to make sure that your film set is realistic? Avensys UK is one of the UK’s largest medical equipment engineering services providers and as such have the skills and experience to keep you at the cutting edge. From advising on current trends to providing an equipment engineer on set to commission (set up!) pieces, we are only too happy to help.

If you would like our team of advisors to suggest the correct medical equipment for your storyline, simply send us a copy of your script. Whether you are filming a scene in an operating theatre, a labour ward or intensive care unit, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to make your storyline come to life.

We understand that timing is critical during filming. Our efficient logistics team will ensure that your medical equipment is delivered to your specified location on time so that filming schedules can be maintained.

Speak to us about prop hire or sale, covering:

- Hospitals (ICU, general and acute wards, A&E, Delivery and Special Baby Care Units)

- Hospice and Nursing Homes

- Doctors’ Surgery Equipment

- Physiotherapist / Occupational Therapist and Mobility

- Small Accessories

Medical Equipment Resale Partnerships

Reselling unwanted medical devices is no easy feat with much of the challenge lying in developing a network through which you can market your equipment.

Within the UK the wide spread practice of auctioning medical devices has gone a long way to alleviate this problem however in terms of risk reduction, revenue generation and regulatory compliance is still leaves much to be desired – this is where we come in.

Avensys UK launched its medical equipment resale programme on the principle that buyers will pay a far higher price for a device marketed, inspected and guaranteed by Avensys UK than they might be tempted to risk at auction or private sale.

Our service collects and reconditions your equipment before selling it, complete with warranty, to an international customer base.

From entire NHS facilities to individual devices received from small private sector clinics, our team of engineers and sales staff are working tirelessly to maximise the return you receive for your second hand medical equipment.

For more information please contact our Resale Department and speak to one of our consultants today, harness our experience and contacts in support of your equipment sale.

Competitively Priced New Equipment

Avensys has long established relationships with the majority of major equipment providers. We only work with those suppliers that have proven themselves, time and time again, as able to deliver on quality, price, and service. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your project comes in on time, to specification, and within budget.

Avensys works with every major hospital group in the UK which ensures absolute currency with market trends and the procurement successes/failures your competitors are experiencing every day.

Interested in our services?

Call us on 01562 745 858 or email us to see how we can help