15 Jan

Website Security and Safety

Buying anything online is a considered process and customers need assurance that all their data, including card details, are secure. 

This article outlines the steps we have taken to ensure our website is safe and secure, allowing you to browse and shop.

What makes the Avensys website safe?

A safe website means an encrypted website! This means that the connection between you and Avensys cannot be seen or monitored by others.  Any personal data entered at the checkout can only be seen by those with authorised website administration logins. The Avensys ecommerce website uses a secure payment service provider, Sage Pay, meaning card details are entered into their secure and encrypted website.  Sage Pay is a trusted secure payment service provider, with a 128-layer SSL encryption, so you have peace of mind that your information is safe. 

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Trusted site

You can check whether a website is a trusted site through the search engine you are using, such as Google or Bing.  As the below image shows, secure websites, like the Avensys website, display green ticks which show the search engine has approved the site to be safe to use.


If you are already on a website, you can check if the site is secure by looking for a padlock icon in the URL bar before or after the website address.  This means an external company has tested the website to make sure the connection is encrypted and genuine, providing reassurance that the website is safe.  More information is available by clicking on the padlock icon, where a pop-up box will show the name of the company that tested the website and issued the certificate to confirm the website is safe.


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