Endoscope Maintenance and Repair

The Avensys endoscopy workshop is based centrally in the Midlands, and is well placed for a quick turnaround of high quality, best value, equipment repair. We also hold a provision of loan equipment to support our customers when they need it.

At Avensys, we focus on more than “just repairing your equipment”. Our focus is to meet and exceed the service and information needs of our customers. In our specialised business there is no room for error, no time for mistakes, and no reason for anything less than perfection. With extensively trained endoscope technicians and attentive management, we are working to provide you with the finest in instrument repair.

Our flexible endoscope and electro-medical equipment packages have been created to reduce expensive OEM repair and service contracts.

A full overview of Endoscopy can be found here.

Contract Options

1. Fully Comprehensive

Provides a fixed annual service budget, all repairs are covered including accidental damage*

2. Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Provides a fixed annual service budget and pay per repair option

3. Pay by Repair

Provides a pay by repair option

All scopes under contract 1 & 2 require a ‘pre-contractual inspection’. Additional fees may be applied for pre-existing damage/faults.

*CCD repairs are not included

  • Flexible endoscopes (all makes, manufacturers and models)
  • Rigid Endoscopes (all makes, manufacturers and models)
  • Camera heads
  • Hand piece and power equipment
    • Pneumatics
    • Phaco harmonic scalpels
    • Headpieces
  • Stack systems
    • Light source
    • Diathermy
    • Camera controllers
    • Image management
    • Screens and trolleys
    • Insufflators
    • Cameras

Interested in our endoscopy services?

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