Diagnostic Imaging Services

Avensys provides maintenance and management services of diagnostic imaging and radiology equipment, offering modular and flexible contracts of all major brands across all diagnostic imaging modalities, through our highly specialised and dedicated centres of excellence, delivered by OEM-qualified engineers.

Avensys is the single point of contact for all installed Diagnostic Imaging equipment service needs, regardless of the variety of modalities onsite. Customers have confidence in the reliability of our Diagnostic Imaging services thanks to our deep knowledge of healthcare processes, and our proven ability to help improve radiology workflow and enhance the patient experience.


Our on-call team is available in the event of malfunction of DI equipment, rapidly restoring function of the device and helping you achieve maximum service uptime. Avensys’ relationships with the major equipment manufacturers let us deliver a comprehensive service, including training and optimised provision of spare parts.

Technical, administrative and performance-related procedures carried out to comply with your relevant local regulations. Measuring initial values and parameters for electrical safety, and subsequent monitoring of the equipment. Acceptance testing is the only suitable way to guarantee the safe introduction of a new device in any health or social care facility.


  • CT
  • MRI
  • PET/CT
  • Vascular systems
  • Digital and conventional radiology
  • Surgical C-arms
  • Mammography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Ultrasound

Avensys diagnostic imaging services includes preventive maintenance activities such as checks and calibration. These are carried out following specific benchmark operating protocols compliant with manufacturers’ instructions and local and international standards. The operations are scheduled in groups of the same type of equipment, based on their location and availability.

To ensure your DI technology is fit-for-purpose, and your clinical staff are only working with valid, safe, useful, and cost-effective equipment, we apply standardised procedures to evaluate and adjust the expected life cycle of your medical device as appropriate, based on:

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations,
  • Current treatment standards,
  • Cost of continued ownership
  • The usage, maintenance and repair record, and
  • Safety, quality and functionality of the device.

This activity is closely related to investment planning, so our engineers team aligns with medical staff and hospital  financial management to reach an informed decision on strategic and operational issues.