Clinical Training

Your organisation can drastically improve patient safety by rolling out Clinical Training to your nursing staff.

What’s the purpose of clinical training? 

The key aim of our Clinical Trainers is to ensure that everyone in your organisation who uses medical devices to treat patients has received training on how to use the device in line with manufacturers instruction. Our training is device-specific, meaning all demonstrations and training will centre around the specific make and model of the devices used by your staff. The result of clinical training is that human error is significantly reduced and patient safety is improved.

How is clinical training conducted? 

It’s unrealistic to expect an onsite Clinical Trainer to be able to deliver high-quality training to every employee at a large Trust which may have hundreds of staff spread across multiple sites. This can often lead to staff having to use devices they have not received the correct training for or having to be shown how to use them by other staff who may not be fully aware of the complete use of the device causing errors in use to occur.

Our solution to this problem is to have our Clinical Trainers create individual eLearning packages for every make and model of device which your organisation owns. eLearning packages consisting of instructional videos, virtual learning and assessments are uploaded to our online Learning Management System (LMS) where each employee will have their own login and be able to complete the modules required for their job role. Only the required modules are assigned to the individual meaning an increase in manpower availability due to accurate targeted training. Users will also complete an assessment to measure their understanding and ensure the correct level of competency. The beauty of our online LMS is that we keep a record of the training each employee has completed and an automated process reminds them when they need to do their refresher training prior to expiration.

For high-risk medical devices, competency levels are assured by additional supervisor level assessments.

Clinical Training packages