Meet the Team

We are a well established team of bio-medical and dental equipment trainers.

With classrooms and a practical workshop, the training centre is well equipped to provide theoretical and practical based learning. Get to know our staff and trainers below…

  1. Chris Gale

    Chris Gale

    Head of Education

    Deputy Safeguarding Lead

    Chris has worked in education since 2015 formally at the Defense College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) where he developed many of the advance avionic engineering programs still delivered today.

  2. Laura Woodhall

    Laura Woodhall

    Workbased Learning Quality Lead

    Safeguarding Lead

    Laura is a qualified Dispensing Optician and has been working with apprenticeships and qualifications for 15 years as an assessor, IQA and EQA. Laura has recently joined Avensys as an IQA to support the training team.

  3. Dave Eveleigh

    Dave Eveleigh

    Senior Engineer/Assessor/Trainer

    Dave has been working for Avensys UK Ltd from 2007. As Senior Engineer and Senior Trainer, Dave instructs in all aspects of Bio-medical Engineering and is often named the Oracle of Bio-medical Engineering.

  4. Steve Gains

    Steve Gains

    Senior Engineer/Trainer

    Steve has been working for Avensys UK Ltd from 2016 as a Bio-medical Engineer, subsequently the Senior Engineering Manager in charge of the HQ Workshop.

  5. Laura Byrne

    Laura Byrne

    Trainer/Assessor Lead

    Laura is a registered Clinical Scientist that joined Avensys in 2020, she is Lead Trainer/Assessor for level 2 & level 4 apprentices. Laura has specialist knowledge in Critical Care and Medical Device Management gained through an 18 year career in Healthcare Science.

  6. Doug Butcher

    Doug Butcher

    Senior Engineer & Trainer / Assessor

    Doug has worked in Electronic Engineering for 26 years covering a multitude of disciplines including medical and dental devices, optical imaging, infra-red, thermal and laser targeting systems, radar detection, electronic counter measures, remote-controlled vehicles and IT soft/hardware. Previously the Engineering Operations Manager at Avensys he is delighted to be moving into training.

  7. Kerry Forrest

    Kerry Forrest

    Trainer & Assessor

    Kerry has over 17 years of experience working in Medical Engineering. Entering the NHS as Clerical Officer, Kerry worked her way up to Team Lead. During the COVID-19 pandemic she worked as an onsite engineer at NHS Nightingale Manchester. Now working for Avensys, Kerry is responsible for assessing apprentice engineers.

  8. Lee Scott

    Lee Scott

    Senior Engineer/Assessor

    Lee started working for Avensys UK Ltd in 2015 for the Engineering Division, he is currently Senior Engineering Manager and Key Account Manager, but also works for the Training Division as a Level 5 course leader and Work-based Learning Assessor.

  9. Lisa Dooley

    Lisa Dooley

    Training Centre Co-ordinator

    Lisa joined Avensys in 2017,  she deals with all the administration for the team including making sure our courses run smoothly, all course work is printed ready for our learners, and accommodation is arranged.

  10. David Gibb

    David Gibb

    Senior Engineer / Trainer / Assessor

    David joined Avensys in 2016 as Senior Engineering Manager for the Decontamination Validation Department. He brings 35 years of experience to his role as Head of Decontamination Education.

  11. Nick Hammond

    Nick Hammond

    Clinical Trainer

    Nick has recently joined Avensys, having worked in healthcare for more than 20 years. Nick is a currently registered Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) with extensive clinical experience in anaesthetics and recovery for both the NHS and private sector. He has been a mentor/assessor to both students and newly qualified healthcare professionals and has been delivering in-person and virtual training, clinical troubleshooting and support on medical devices for a major OEM since 2015.