In the Beginning…

Established in 2007, Avensys started as a Bio-Medical Engineering Repair and Maintenance company. A strategic decision to employ the best engineers in the country led to us becoming established as an industry leader, with a reputation for being able to provide a standard of service that was not previously available to either NHS or private medical facilities.

But our customers wanted more…

Enquiries revealed that our customers were frustrated by the number of businesses that they were required to deal with during the life cycle of their EBME devices.

Specification, financing, commissioning, maintenance and repair, staff training, disinfection and disposal were often managed by different businesses, and attempts to bring any of this in house were frustrated by a lack of internal specialists able to deal with a proliferation of model variants, financing options, contract types and regulatory changes and liability issues.

Our response to your requirements

To deliver on your requirements we have for some years now operated two further divisions alongside the core repair and maintenance business. The Avensys Training Academy now provides world class training from our headquarters in central England, from which we share our knowledge of, and passion for, the correct maintenance of bio-medical equipment, while our Resale department can deliver value back to your facility by selling on your behalf, any medical equipment for which you have no further need. 

However, recent years have seen us grow in to an international company offering a full 360° service to our customers. Through strategic partnerships and purchases by our parent group, we acquired the skills, businesses, financial scale, knowledge and capability that now enables us to partner with you from the beginning to the end of the journey for any medical technology devices you require. The most exciting and recent of these new divisions are Avensys Financing and Avensys Managed Storage. Have a look under our engineering section to see how these services can facilitate the purchase of new equipment and ensure your existing medical devices are maintained in perfect working order, even if they are out of service for a considerable time.

The following are now key to our business proposition:

One Stop Shop

From sourcing to disposal

Any Size

From single items at private practices to whole NHS trusts

Location No Obstacle

UK or abroad

Our Assurances…

While the benefits of dealing with one supplier for all these requirements is self-evident, we understand that there may be a sense of putting all your eggs in one basket. Moreover, is there a possibility of losing visibility of the overall picture?

We offer total transparency in our proceedings. A combination of face to face meetings and regular reporting on agreed KPIs lets our customers see that the project is proceeding as agreed. On the smaller scale, our Health – Inventory Management System (H-IMS) allows you to see the status of your medical devices individually, grouped or by location as you require.

10 Medical Devices

Smallest Contract

10,000 Devices

Largest Contract

Dentist in Kidderminster

Local Contract

Adelaide, Australia

Furthest Regular Customer