Equipment rental

Should you need to bridge a gap in equipment availability, medical device rental can be the perfect solution. Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Shortages of  required medical devices can immediately impact a department. Patient backlogs, waiting lists, inter-hospital patient transfers, reorganising staff rotas and the ‘insourcing’ of clinical staff are all possible ramifications.

Such occasions where demand outstrips supply may occur for various reasons; increase in patient intake, equipment damage and breakages, and change in equipment provision and funding. However, the best solution to these shortages may not be as straightforward as buying more equipment.

Equipment rental

While purchasing extra equipment might seem to be the best economic strategy over the long term, there are many scenarios in which this is not the case. Periods of unusually high demand are often short lived and may only occur several times a year. Such occasions do not justify the purchase of new equipment as the additional equipment will be under used for the majority of the year and furthermore the purchase of additional equipment is often simply not financially possible.

Equipment rental can be the perfect solution. In many cases, equipment can be dispatched the same day it is requested from us, meaning that there need be no disruption to patient care. We offer the best industry rates for our rentals, and you do not need to get involved with maintenance contracts.

Should you wish to discuss medical equipment rental, simply get in touch with us and we can discuss your options.