Full Service

Avensys offer 360° solutions for all medical technology requirements for any facility regardless of size or number of assets.

We can offer cradle to grave turnkey solutions encompassing advice before buying, equipment procurement, financing, maintenance and decommissioning.  However, the modularity of our solutions enable you to use whichever parts of our full service you wish. We can advise on the equipment that best suits your needs, and maintain the equipment, leaving the rest to you as you wish.

  1. Medical Equipment Procurement

    Medical Equipment Procurement

    Whether you are buying equipment for the first time or as part of a capital replacement programme, Avensys can save you two of your most important resources; time and money. 

    Avensys can provide assistance to you even before you purchase any medical equipment. Following a free consultation, we can provide you with a report detailing which equipment in the market best fits your requirements. Giving you options that fit both your budget and functional requirements means money will not be wasted, and our market knowledge ensures that factors such as new model release dates and device longevity are all factored in to the purchasing equation.

    Our relationships with manufacturers, our market knowledge and expertise mean we are perfectly placed to source the most suitable
    equipment at the best price. We are vendor neutral therefore we will never try and steer you towards anything other than the best solution for you.

    Should you be looking at purchasing a number of different devices, working with Avensys means that you only have one company you need deal with. One company, one contact, one contract. We eliminate the need to handle sales calls from manufacturers and as you are working with just one company we significantly reduce contractual liability.

  2. The Operational Phase

    The Operational Phase

    Avensys can provide the support necessary to maximise the operational productivity of your medical technology devices.

    Our nationwide network of engineers undergo regular OEM training updates to ensure that their knowledge remains up to date with the latest technological developments. Contractual flexibility at this point means we can work with you to establish the best programme of repair and maintenance for your asset list based on individual device characteristics like age, previous usage and manufacturer type.

    For facilities with a large number of medical devices, Avensys will establish an on-site workshop, from which engineers effectively eliminate downtime and have a daily understanding of the requirements of your clinical teams as regards EBME equipment.  

  3. Transparency Through Visibility

    Transparency Through Visibility

    We give you total visibility of the status of your assets. 

    With Avensys taking care of the sourcing and management of your equipment it might feel like you have handed over the core of your EBME department, and are losing site of what is happening when.

    Not so with our new custom built database. Designed to give transparency of our actions to clients, you can log in 24/7 to see the status of your inventory list. A simple colour key indicates the status of each device, KPIs enable you to see breakdowns of device status by site, and sites can be subdivided in to wards, theatres and even specific rooms.

    Meeting with your dedicated account manager (if you wish), you will receive a report summarising the contract status for the period. 

    Far from loosing control of your department, working with Avensys you will likely have more control than ever.