Human Factors

“The largest risk to safety is the human in the system”

Human Factors and Error Management training is too often grouped with ergonomics which although interconnected at the design and manufacturing level is not the prime driver of error if ergonomics have been correctly defined in the process.

No matter how well designed and manufactured an item of equipment is, the fact that a human must integrate with it creates the potential for human error.

Although we can never eliminate human error, we can educate and therefore allow individuals and organisations to mitigate risk with proactive steps and a greater understanding to effectively self manage before errors occur.

“Human Factors is all about improving human performance and reducing errors.”

Human Factors and Error Management training should be human-centric, non-generic and delivered in person in mixed groups across any organisation to have the greatest effect. In order for all to have the ability to see the “bigger picture” there must be multiple perspectives across a diverse audience.

Human Factors training will differ greatly in its requirements dependent on the organisation and its people and procedures along with historical events. Although the base theory will be the same it is unreasonable to expect a one size fits all approach as every organisation is different. 

Prior to training, we will send out a questionnaire or conduct a face to face consultation to understand your organisation’s needs. Once we have understood your requirements, we will tailor our Human Factors and Error Management training to maximise its impact on your organisation. 



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