Equipment Sales & Solutions (ESAS) Division (formally Resale)

The Equipment Sales and Solutions (ESAS) Division was established with the ambitious goal of providing hospitals with a more ethical alternative route to sell their surplus medical equipment – one that would not only return higher profits than selling at auction but also safeguard purchasers of the equipment and their patients. Since its establishment, the ESAS Division has experienced great success, enabling it to expand its service offering which now includes new equipment sales, medical device storage and medical equipment rental.

In 2021, the ESAS Division vacated our Kidderminster HQ and moved its operations to much larger premises in Hartlebury to accommodate its extended business interests. The Hartlebury team includes administrators, salespeople, logistics experts, warehouse staff and delivery drivers. In 2022, the ESAS Division released its first medical equipment product catalogue featuring new products from a wide range of manufacturers, simplifying the buying process for our customers. In 2024, the division had outgrown its Resale name with the various services offered, the division is rebranding to Equipment Sales and Solutions.


New & Pre-owned Equipment

We can help you with new and pre-owned medical equipment for your healthcare facility. Take a look at our extensive range.

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Resale Service

We can sell your surplus medical equipment for you.

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Device Supply

We can help you source new medical equipment

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Renting medical equipment can be a great way to meet demand without purchasing outright.

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We can deliver your products across the UK and abroad.

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Avensys can offer a range of financial packages to enable you to spread the cost of medical equipment purchases.

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Managed Medical Equipment Storage

Trust Avensys to ensure your stored equipment is patient ready when you need it.

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