The sourcing of medical equipment is one of the greatest costs that must be borne by any medical facility, and at a time when budgets are often being cut, difficulty finding the necessary financial resources means that purchases may be postponed indefinitely. However, if the cost could be spread over a number of years, this would lower the burden and allow departments to acquire much needed equipment.

“Financing gave us a much better solution to equipment procurement. Spreading capital outlay makes budgeting for new equipment much easier, and working with Avensys means working with a company that understands the requirements of a medical facility”

Avensys Financing provides exactly this service.  As part of the VAMED group, we have access to financing options that enable us to purchase equipment on behalf of our customers. Our customers then pay back the cost of the equipment via instalments. This service can be scaled to fit your requirements, from single devices to the purchase of all equipment necessary to fit out an entire hospital.

From initial discussions to device installation, the entire process can take as little as one week, and our industry knowledge means that we will be able to advise at any stage should you wish us to do so.

Financing need not be just for medical equipment purchasing
Financing need not be restricted to the purchase of medical equipment. If you have other requirements which you think could benefit from our ability to provide finance, get in touch for an initial conversation – of course no cost and no obligation.

Contact us to see how our financing options can be used to help you buy the equipment you need.