About Us

Starting as an EBME Repair and Maintenance company in 2007, Avensys has evolved into a business that offers the Private Healthcare sector and the NHS, full service and/or maintenance for all of their EBME requirements. This includes specification and purchasing, of repair and training through to final disposal. In 2018, Avensys were acquired by Hermed, who are part of the VAMED group, a leading international healthcare provider. This exciting relationship has enabled Avensys to continue to evolve autonomously, whilst also providing us an international reach and opening the door to a number of fantastic opportunities.

Why work for us

When you join Avensys you are joining one of the most highly regarded businesses in the EBME industry. With the best engineers and trainers in the business, and with back office support to match, we are a fast paced, thriving business. Pay rates are amongst the best in the country and we have full UK coverage, meaning wherever you are, we may have a position for you. While our business operation is an exemplar of professionalism, the business retains a family feel in which everyone is made to feel welcome and encouraged to get to know other people in other departments to give a rounded view of our operation.

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See what other Avensys employees have to say about joining one of the most highly regarded businesses in the EBME industry.

  1. Danielle Hodgetts




    Account Manager Supervisor

    “I have been with Avensys since early 2014 and I’ve enjoyed all of it! I have held several positions here and have completed a coaching and mentoring course as well as a business and administration course and soon I will be going on a mental health awareness course.

    I’m always learning and there is always scope to move onwards and upwards. In my supervisor role I work with contracts from the initial signing until it is fully bedded in.

    I visit clients for contract review meetings and really enjoy developing good relationships with both engineers and customers.”

  2. Adam Shiels




    EBME Engineer

    “I have been working at Avensys since end of 2016. It has been an eventful time, working with great people in what feels like a family atmosphere given that it is such a big company.

    Being a field base engineer in Birmingham community I cover other areas of support when required and there has been plenty of opportunity to work in other areas.

    Recently I have been working in Croatia for 5 months, which was a fantastic opportunity for me and the other engineers who went over – we were working with our counterparts from Germany and Italy, setting up a hospital system in Croatia.

    There are many other avenues in which to grow with the company, even if you like to keep your feet in one place!”

  3. Ryan Lowell



    HQ Workshop Manager

    “I am currently HQ Workshop Manager at Avensys, managing a team of 15 engineers including 3 apprentices. I have been with the company for over 12 years now and began my career as a Bio-Medical Engineering Apprentice, which involved completion of a Level 3 qualification as well as numerous OEM and In-house training courses. Following this I progressed to completing a Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Medical Equipment Technologies.

    I spent the first 7.5 years of my time here working as a Bio-Medical Engineer, after which I specialised in the repair of Flexible Endoscopes which included going to America to undergo training. When the COVID-19 pandemic started I came back across to main engineering to assist in all things Bio-Med again, as well as assisting with the set up of the Nightingale Hospital in Bristol.

    I have since stayed in HQ Workshop as an engineer before being promoted to HQ Workshop Manager in March ’21. It has been a challenging couple of years to say the least and the dept has been stretched to capacity with the amount of work we have been doing, but all in all it is an exciting time to be in the Medical Engineering business with Avensys!”

  4. Francesca Stewart



    Resale and Disposal Manager

    “I have worked at Avensys since 2014 and have had a great time here so far. Since taking on the role of Resale and Disposal Manager a lot has changed at the company and constant growth has seen our departmental turnover triple within 3 years! I am responsible for re-selling medical equipment that hospitals don’t need any more.

    It’s a really interesting aspect of the business as we are one of the only companies that guarantee an ethical disposal route for end of life equipment.”