Source New Devices

At first glance it may not make sense to bring in a third party to your buying process, but medical facilities are increasingly seeing the benefits of using Avensys Equipment Sales and Solutions to manage the purchase of multiple device types from multiple manufacturers.

From the start, working with one vendor means you are saving time. Everything is catered for in one agreement between you and us, lowering your contractual exposure and leaving us to scrutinise multiple contracts that are required further up the supply chain. As well as having preferred reseller status with various manufacturers, our purchasing team can negotiate better prices through a combination of EBME purchasing experience and buying with economies of scale.

“Being vendor neutral means we only have your interests at heart when looking at options”

You can provide a list of devices you require or discuss your facility requirements with us and we will find the equipment that best suits your needs. Being vendor neutral, we look at all options in all markets, and working with our engineering division we have an unrivalled ability to source the most appropriate equipment to fulfil your requirement at the best possible price.

Avensys can undertake pre-install checks, service and commission all your devices, and should you wish, we can provide ongoing repair and maintenance for all your devices.