Endoscope Equipment Repair

Avensys provides the very best possible care for your endoscopes and associated equipment.

Being ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 accredited ensures that our processes, device maintenance and environmental credentials are maintained to the highest standards and so ensures the best possible service for our endoscopy customers. Our engineers receive regular training to ensure that they have the knowledge to enable them to undertake all possible repairs on all makes and models of endoscope, both flexible and rigid.

The recently expanded endoscopy workshop provides a controlled environment in which our endoscopy engineers work to provide a service focused on repair prevention.

“Our engineers are extensively trained and provide quality assured repair services for endoscopy equipment.”

Contract Options:

Flexible contract options mean you can choose the most appropriate level of cover for your assets:

  • Fully Comprehensive
    Fixed annual cost covering all maintenance servicing and unlimited repairs including accidental damage (CCD Repairs are not Included)
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
    Fixed annual cost covering all maintenance servicing
  • Pay By Repair
    Provides a pay by repair option

All scopes under a fully comprehensive contract require a ‘pre-contract inspection’. Additional fees may be applied for pre-existing damage/faults.

While Avensys provides an OEM service, we do not charge OEM prices.

The parts we use are indistinguishable from OEM parts, our engineers understand every aspect of endoscope maintenance and repair, a fact that is recognised across Europe with over 700 endoscopes coming to Avensys from the continent as part of ongoing maintenance contracts with a variety of healthcare providers.

We leave endoscopes with you on-site for the duration of the contract, ready to use at a moments notice.

Should one of your endoscopes need to come to us for repair, with our Avensys Loan Scopes, you will have a replacement to hand ready to use immediately. With other providers of endoscopy engineering you may have to wait several weeks for a loan scope to become available – we appreciate that this is not an acceptable way to operate as it causes backlogs and disrupts the department.

Endoscope rental provides the perfect solution for temporary periods of increased demand.

Increase in demand on an endoscopy service can result in a backlog of procedures, but there is no need for endoscope availability to be the bottleneck. We can supply endoscopes, stack systems and associated equipment at low cost. No contract is needed – you can simply get in touch with us and we can have your required equipment on its way to you the same day.