Avensys Ventilator Testing

One of Avensys’ expert ventilation engineers was recently on site at Ipswich hospital to test one of the first consignments of the University College London/ Mercedes manufactured Ventura Ventilators.

Engineers at UCL and the Mercedes formula 1 team came together to design a CPAP ventilator to meet the demands created by the Covid19 pandemic emergency. The breathing aid they produced is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device which is called a Ventura. The CPAP supports patients with breathing difficulties. Engineers worked round the clock to produce the ventilator as quickly as possible. Respiratory consultant Dr Jonathon Douse who works at Ipswich hospital is involved in a research project called recovery which will use this equipment.. 10,000 of these devices have now been commissioned for distribution across England. Some of the first devices arrived here at Ipswich hospital and Dr Douse, senior NHS engineer Philip Telling and our Avensys engineer assembled and tested them prior to them being issued to staff for use on patients with the virus.

The image shows the Avensys engineer and Philip Telling testing the equipment during assembly.