Sapphire Epidural Pump & PCA Lockbox

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Pre-owned Sapphire Epidural Pump & PCA Lockbox

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    The Sapphire Epidural pump is dedicated to Epidural infusion. 

    While sharing the key benefits with the Sapphire infusion platform, the dedicated Epidural pump is tailored for Epidural applications:

    • Yellow colored sets, Yellow colored faceplate, on-screen yellow colored label
    • Limited rate ranges to ensure safe Epidural infusion.

    The Sapphire Epidural includes several modes of delivery:

    • PCEA (patient controlled epidural analgesia) – patient controlled “on-demand doses” with optional basal rate and loading dose.
    • Intermittent Epidural – scheduled doses and optional basal rate.
    • PIEB – combines the intermittent scheduled doses with PCEA. Giving priority to the intermittent dose to ensure PIEB delivery and avoidance of dose stacking.

    The PCA lockbox 250 mL lockbox fits in the Sapphire infusion pump family and enables the secure containment of narcotics IV bags with volume of up to 250 mL. The PCA lockbox 250 mL limits the accessibility of staff and patients to the administered narcotics or opioids, minimizing the risk of error and misuse.

    Main features and benefits:

    • Suitable for hospital and homecare environments
    • Allows for safe and accurate treatment with no interruption to infusion
    • Transparent for clear view of the entire treatment and treatment progress.
    • Easily attaches to the pump mini-cradle for use on IV poles
    • Includes organizer for easy layout of infusion line, preventing disruption of infusion
    • Designed with a comfortable carry handle and shoulder strap for patient mobility during treatment
    • Color stickers for easy identification of the therapy used with the Lockbox, to ensure correct treatment delivery from a distance
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