National Apprenticeship week 

The 6th of February marked the beginning of National Apprenticeship Week, a week-long event that seeks to raise awareness of the incredible opportunities that Apprenticeships can provide. As both an apprenticeship training provider and a company that employs apprentices, we were naturally keen to take part in National Apprenticeship Week.

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Avensys provide apprenticeship training, mentoring and assessing to apprentices across the UK who work in the bio-medical engineering sector. As you may have seen on our LinkedIn feed, we recently published a detailed case study outlining the work we do with Leeds Teaching Hospitals who have several apprentices currently enrolled on to our Level 4 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship. The case study includes six first-hand accounts of life as an apprentice at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and provides a great insight into the great opportunities that apprenticeships afford to people of all ages who are looking to further their careers. You can read the case study in full here:

Internally, Avensys employs approximately twenty apprentices in various departments including engineering, IT and admin. We see apprenticeships as the most effective way of developing talented young people into competent and useful members of our team. Apprentices are placed under the mentorship of an experienced department manager who will show them the ropes and help them gain practical experience in their field. One day a week they will attend college where they will receive tuition in their chosen profession and complete their coursework. Our apprenticeship model has been a great success and we’ve continued to recruit apprentices year after year.

If you are interested in employing an apprentice, visit our website for more information:

Employees of the month

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This month we announced the first winners of our brand new ‘Employees of the Month’ award! This new award has been designed to recognise the efforts and hard work of two employees per month, one from our engineering team and another from our office staff, who have gone above and beyond in their endeavors for the company.

This month’s employees of the month are Lynne Pound from Marketing and Adam Carter from Engineering, thank you to both of them for their excellent work.

Pre-owned equipment

As you may have noticed on our LinkedIn feed this month we have been heavily promoting the benefits of purchasing pre-owned medical equipment as opposed to buying new. There are lots of misconceptions around the purchasing of second hand medical equipment, for example many people believe that there is no guarantee that the equipment will actually work or that it will put patients in danger. In our recent LinkedIn posts we have been trying to disprove these misconceptions.

When it comes to selling pre-owned medical equipment, Avensys sets the standard in the industry. Every device we sell has been thoroughly inspected and tested by experienced bio-medical engineers prior to sale and only devices that are deemed to be in good condition and fit for purpose are listed for sale on our website. Devices that fail to reach our high standards are sent off to our HQ workshop for repair and are then reinspected and tested before they are allowed to leave the workshop. We have been supplying pre-owned medical equipment to hospitals, dentists, GPs and vets for many years now and have built a large base of satisfied customers both in the UK and abroad.

If you would like to browse our inventory of pre-owned medical equipment, please visit our website: 

Upcoming courses

Here are our upcoming courses for the next three months. For full details about each course please visit our website:


  • Bio-Medical Equipment Electrical Safety
  • Anaesthetic & Ventilation Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Medical Imaging Equipment


  • Operating Theatre & Surgical Equipment
  • Medical Equipment Networking


  • Medical Equipment Technologies
  • Medical Therapeutic Equipment
  • Trollies, Beds & Operating Tables

Job vacancies

Below are our current job vacancies. Please visit our website for full details:

  • Office Support Administrator – Kidderminster
  • Bio Medical Engineer – Surrey & Borders
  • Dental engineer – North of England
  • Bio Medical Engineer – North of England