Managed Medical Equipment Storage

There are many reasons why a hospital may need to put medical equipment into temporary storage, but storing equipment onsite poses a host of problems. Department downsizing, merges and even closures can result in a need for medical device storage, and medical devices purchased in relation to COVID-19 may also require temporary storage. Unfortunately, if storage is available at all, it is often only possible in sub optimal conditions. The greatest issue with ad-hoc storage is that equipment receives no ongoing maintenance. Only scheduled maintenance including functional checks and battery replacement will ensure that medical devices are fit for use when brought back into service.

Locating items in storage often presents a problem, as locations may not be recorded, and items may be regularly moved as more devices are put in storage. Furthermore, available space is often in building basements, which in terms of temperature and humidity are inadequate for the storage of precision equipment.

From individual items through to surplus equipment in the wake of COVID-19, Avensys have the capability to take care of all your storage requirements. Simply let us know what equipment you want put into storage, and we will collect the equipment within an agreed time frame – usually 24 hours. At 50,000sq feet, Avensys operate the UK’s largest climate controlled medical device storage facility, providing the ideal storage conditions for equipment when not in use. Prior to going into storage, all devices are pre-inspected and given an asset number, with all details recorded on the Avensys Inventory Management System (IMS). Avensys customers are given free access to the Avensys IMS, which gives both parties 24/7 visibility of device status, location and service records. Whilst in storage with Avensys, equipment is subject to a maintenance schedule comprising functional inspections of (as appropriate mechanical, software and battery components) to ensure that equipment is always ready for use in the event of recall.



Avensys will organise the transportation of your medical equipment to and from our storage facility. Equipment can be returned to your site within 48 hours. 


Your medical equipment will be stored in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse until they are required again.

Function Checks

All equipment in our storage facility is subject to quarterly function tests to ensure that it is in working order.

Servicing (Optional Extra)

We offer routine manufacture servicing as an optional extra. 

For fifteen years Avensys have provided managed storage solutions for the NHS, private healthcare and medical device manufacturers. References can be provided upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Equipment is stored within our climate-controlled facility. Inspection tested and then given a visual function and battery check every 3 months by our engineering department. You then receive a quarterly equipment update.

  2. This is a bespoke offering meaning that pricing varies depending on volumes & types of equipment being quoted for. If you would like a quote for us to cover your equipment, please get in touch.

  3. We have a purpose-built, workshop facility where a team of manufacture trained Bio-Medical Engineers are based. These engineers will complete a visual function and inspection check on the devices to ensure they are in good working order. This is done every quarter. We can even cover your equipment with full servicing cover if that is what you require.

  4. We offer a 48 hour turnaround promise on all equipment redeployment. 48 hours from point of request, we can have your devices delivered back to you.

  5. We can collect equipment and redeploy equipment anywhere within the United Kingdom!

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