Avensys enhances its training programme with launch of ‘human factors’ course

To further enhance its wide range of training for EBME professionals, Avensys has launched a brand new ‘Human Factors’ training course.

This innovative course focuses on optimising human performance, by studying factors that can influence us as human beings and considers how this affects our performance in our day-to-day lives, as well as the workplace. The core topics of human factors apply across all organisations and Avensys can tailor delivery to any safety critical organisation, using relevant industry-based case studies and current hot topics. The benefits that can be realised following this training are:

  • Reduced error inducing situations
  • Improve defences against human error
  • Promotion of effective risk-based decisions

Every person within an organisation can benefit from human factors training, as everyone has an impact on safety and creating a positive workplace culture – so essential for the healthcare sector. This course is therefore suitable for a wide range of healthcare professionals including Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and Midwives, Dentists and Dental Nurses, Paramedics and Ambulance Crews, Facilities, Estates, Maintenance, Porters to name just a few.

Human error is a normal part of everyday life. By recognising and mitigating some of the human factors that affect both individuals and teams, you can actively reduce medical error and thereby improve patient safety. Understanding human factors can also help to improve individual performance and wellbeing, as well as team working and morale. Whilst many of the factors might seem obvious, sadly they are often forgotten or considered less important when individuals go to work. Recognising that everyone is fallible is one of the first steps to improving safety for patients.

How are Avensys different? As a leading independent, bio-medical provider, we offer a one stop shop for medical solutions. As well as delivering exceptional training programmes, our service includes the sales, maintenance/repairs, storage and disposal of medical equipment. We are committed to offering the best quality support for our client base throughout the NHS and private healthcare sector.  Avensys is established as the UK’s leading training provider for this sector. We have invested in world class training facilities, which includes a ‘mock hospital’, and have full-time trainers who have unsurpassed depth of knowledge and experience. Plus, our qualifications are accredited by City & Guilds, Pearson and AIM.

To discover more about our wide range of training, including the new Human Factors course, please visit stand B17 at the EBME Expo or contact training@avensysmedical.co.uk – we would love to share more about our leading training facilities and programmes.