Comen NC3 Vital Signs Monitor

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    The NC3 Vital Signs Monitor is a versatile, state-of-the-art medical device that accurately monitors patient vital signs using SPO2, NIBP, and Pulse Rate measurements.

    This small, lightweight and durable monitor features a 6-inch LED screen and a 12-hour rechargeable backup battery for convenient and flexible use in various healthcare settings, suitable for patients of all age groups.

    The NC3 Vital Signs Monitor is the ideal solution for patient monitoring systems in the GP’s Office, Community Clinic, Outpatients Department or in General Wards. With Comen SPO2, NIBP, and Pulse Rate, the NC3 is a cutting-edge medical device designed to accurately measure and monitor vital signs. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this monitor is a reliable and indispensable tool for healthcare professionals.

    The device features a crisp and clear 6-inch LED screen, providing a high-quality display of vital sign readings. Equipped with a rechargeable 12 hour lifespan lithium-ion battery, this monitor offers convenience and flexibility. This makes it ideal for both stationary and portable use in various healthcare settings.

    Versatility is a key aspect of the NC3 Vital Signs Monitor. It is designed to cater to patients of different age groups, including adults, paediatrics, and neonates. This broad range of patient types ensures that healthcare professionals can rely on the monitor for accurate readings across various populations.

    Efficient data management is a crucial feature of the NC3 Vital Signs Monitor. It allows for seamless data storage, review, and transfer. This enables healthcare providers to maintain comprehensive patient records, track trends over time, and facilitate data sharing for collaborative decision-making.

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