Woodpecker iLED Curing Light MAX (White)

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The Woodpecker iLED MAX. More-focused light output.

Upgraded focused light output

Unique Woodpecker technology of focused light output reduces 55.87% light angle, allowing more concentrated energy and higher curing efficiency.
Upgraded light intensity
Two modes for options; with the maximum light intensity of 2300mw/cm², curing 2 mm resin in 1s, which makes it especially suitable for orthodontic brackets, porcelain veneers and post-core adhesives.
Upgraded wide spectrum
The emissions wavelength range of iLED Max Wide Spectrum Curing Light is 385mm-420nm. The additional band can better curing the resin materials containing new-style photoinitiators such as TPO. For example, restoration materials such as Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill (Ivoclar), Amelogen Plus (Ultradent), and ENA Hn(Micerium). The additional wave band can also reduce the risk of resin shedding and incomplete curing.

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    • It also features a 360° fully rotatable head, disposable covers and a rechargeable lithium battery.
    • Constant Power Output
    • 360° Curing
    • Fluid Design
    • 1 sec. for Curing


    Using a constant power output this light has two programme settings:

    • P1 – Turbo Mode – Light intensity 2300 – 2500 mw/cm2 for 1 – 3 second cures.
    • P2 – Normal Mode – Light intensity 1000 – 1200mw/cm2 for 5 – 20 second cures.
    • With the Turbo mode the light has a cure time of 1 second for 2mm of resin, with light intensity of up to 2300mw/ cm²

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