Mental Health is particularly relevant in the current climate. COVID-19 has disrupted all areas of day to day life which has caused a spike in mental illnesses. The economic recession has seen millions lose their jobs, and unemployment is set to rise following the end of the furlough scheme. Social restrictions have made it difficult to see friends and family, and have also put an end to a whole host of events, activities and hobbies that previously provided enjoyment and helped people unwind. Before the pandemic it was estimated that 1 in 5 people experience some form of depression and this has almost doubled. At Avensys we don’t want people to feel that they need to keep mental health concerns a secret and it is important that there is no stigma around mental health. It is vital that we look out for each other as mental illness can affect all of us. The Mental Health Foundation do great work and have lots of information on their website which may be of help to anyone who is suffering with mental health concerns.
Avensys supporting world mental health day