Are you interested in becoming an apprentice?

How does it work?

Apprentices spend 80% of their time in the workplace learning on the job from their more experienced colleagues. The remaining 20% of your time will be spent learning from our Trainers and filling in your apprenticeship workbooks. Workbooks contain questions that you must answer in order to prove your understanding of engineering and gain your qualifications. Apprenticeships are an opportunity to get your foot in the door of medical engineering with limited qualifications and experience. If you work hard and impress your employer they’ll likely take you on permanently after completing your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships generally take between 12 and 36 months to complete depending on which level you chose.


Gain engineering qualifications 

Whether you’re new to medical engineering or already hold an engineering position an apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications that will help you get a job.

Earn while you learn

As an apprentice, you’ll actually be paid to learn! Your employer will give you time during work hours to complete your apprenticeship course work. They’ll also teach you practical skills whilst on the job.

Training at no cost to you 

Apprenticeships are funded by the apprenticeship levy and your employer meaning the apprentice has no costs to pay. A much more cost effective way of earning qualifications when compared to university tuition fees.

Employers value practical experience

Apprenticeships combine academic learning with practical, on the job experience to produce a more rounded education. Don’t underestimate how much employers value practical work experience when recruiting employees.

Why choose Avensys?

Avensys are more than just a training provider, we’re one the UK’s leading bio-medical engineering companies with over 70 engineers, looking after medical equipment up and down the country. There’s no better place to learn medical engineering, which is why we established the Avensys Training academy. Our apprenticeships are delivered in partnership with Dudley College of Technology, so you’ll benefit from their vast experience in providing education and our engineering expertise. In September we’ll be welcoming learners to our brand new, purpose built training facility within the Dudley Institute of Technology.

Level 2 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship forms part of the Healthcare Science Assistant standard and has been designed for anyone wanting to work as a Healthcare Science Assistant within a Clinical Engineering department.  Apprentices will perform a range of low risk, routine, technical and scientific procedures within the Clinical Engineering department.  The Level 2 Apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 12 months and will provide an excellent insight to aspects of Healthcare Science.  The apprentice will learn foundation techniques to carry out low risk, routine procedures within the Clinical Engineering department.

Duration: 12 months

Level 3 Healthcare Engineering Specialist Technician

This apprenticeship is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to become a Medical Device Technician. A Medical Devices Technician looks after medical equipment. They maintain and repair medical devices to ensure they’re in working order and can be safely used for patient care. This is an essential, yet often overlooked aspect of the healthcare industry.

Duration: 36 months

Level 4 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship forms part of the New Healthcare Science Associate standard and has been designed for anyone wanting to work as a Healthcare Science Associate within a Clinical Engineering department. Apprentices will perform tasks such as medical device maintenance/calibration (including electro-medical); managing technical data and writing technical reports.  The Level 4 Apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 24 months and will provide an excellent insight to aspects of Clinical Engineering.  The apprentice will learn fundamental techniques to fault find, service and maintain medical devices.

Duration: 24 months