BTEC Healthcare Science Apprenticeship Level 4 | Decontamination & Sterilisation

This apprenticeship is aimed at experienced and supervisory personnel already working or starting in a more senior role within the Decontamination and Sterilisation sector. Apprentices working in a Decontamination and Sterilisation Department will learn fundamental and advanced techniques to use, maintain, calibrate and understand decontamination and sterilisation equipment as well as all policies and procedures of decontamination and sterilisation. The Apprentice Associate will also develop technical report writing skills in the management of technical data. The Level 4 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship | Decontamination & Sterilisation will last a minimum of 24 months and will provide an overarching insight into Decontamination & Sterilisation.

What is included in the Level 4 Healthcare Science Diploma?

Professional Practice and Person-centred Care

  • Maintain the highest standards of person centred care, treating every person with compassion, dignity and respect
  • Convey information to agreed protocols to the public, patients, carers, colleagues, including giving and receiving feedback
  • Use technology to present information orally 

Personal and Professional Development

  • Critically reflect on your technical/non-technical practice

Health, Safety and Security

  • Maintain a safe and healthy working environment
  • Train junior staff in relevant health, safety/security practices, including infection control and participate in risk assessments


  • Lead quality management technical audit processes as required

Technical Scientific Services

  • Perform a range of equipment management skills, e.g. fault-finding/preventative maintenance/calibration/repair
  • Participate in drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Recognise problems and seek technical solutions to them
  • Analyse/interpret/record/present accurately Healthcare Science (HCS) technical data
  • Supervise/teach/assess practical skills to junior team members

Audit/Service Improvement

  • Participate in audit and/or service improvement programmes
  • Communicate the outcome of audit, service improvement

Research & Innovation

  • Undertake appropriate audit/research/innovation activities which support quality improvement in your area of work


  • Plan/assess the work of a team and individuals within it
  • Lead where appropriate and work effectively within the HCS team
Unit NumberUnitsLevelCreditGuided Learning
1Skills for Lifelong Learning4216
2Professional Practice and Person Centred Care4540
3Legal and Ethical Context of Practice4324
4Health, Safety and Security in the Healthcare Science Environment4325
5Technical Scientific Services4540
6Effective Communication in Healthcare4435
7Audit, Research, Development and Innovation 4520
8Leadership and Teamwork 4324
9Teaching, Learning and Assessing Practical Skills 4432
10Continuing Personal and Professional Development 4320
39Principles and Practice of Decontamination Science4526
40Preparation of Medical Devices for the Cleaning and Disinfection Process4526
41Cleaning and Disinfection of Medical Devices: Manual Processes4530
42Cleaning and Disinfection of Medical Devices: Automated Processes4540
43Inspection, Assembly, Packaging of Medical Devices in a Controlled Environment41076
44Terminal Processing including Sterilisation and High Level Disinfection4536
45Testing, Maintenance and Breakdown Management of Decontamination Equipment4540
46Principles and Practice of Flexible Endoscope Decontamination4650
108The Medical Equipment Lifecycle4648
109Acceptance Testing of New Medical Equipment4648
112Decommissioning and Disposal of Medical Equipment4648


Regular, on-programme assessment in the workplace of the apprentice’s development of competency and performance in the workplace to ensure that there is full and sufficient evidence of the apprentice’s readiness to undertake the End Point Assessment.

Assessment Gateway

  • Achievement of Level 2 English and Level 2 Mathematics qualifications
  • Achievement of the Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science;
  • Evidence, usually recorded, for example in a log or portfolio and signed off by the employer or nominated training provider demonstrating that the apprentice has achieved the skills, knowledge and behaviours set out in the Standard;
  • Evidence that the apprentice has developed an insight into their personal and professional development as shown by the reflective self-assessment following the Multi Source Feedback exercises

End Point Assessment

  • Element 1 – Vocational Competence Observation
  • Element 2 – Professional Practice Test
  • Element 3 – Professional discussion informed by the evidence presented

Added Benefits

The level 4 Healthcare Science Diploma is cited in the Healthcare Science Associate Standard as the main qualification in the Healthcare Science Associate Apprenticeship.

Professional Recognition

On completion of the apprenticeship individuals will be eligible to join the Academy for HCS’s (AHCS) accredited Associate Register at Level 4